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Manley Skipjack Manley Skipjack

4 into 1 or 3 into 2 audiophile source selector. Too clever and very useful!

Have you ever wanted to compare two (or more!) sets of interconnects or listen to the difference between a couple of preamps or a few CD players or be your own armchair reviewer? How about you folks with the Manley Steelhead? You have one line input available and have to keep swapping cables when you want to listen to your CD or tuner? Hey, or would you like to go backwards and have one source drive either this or that? And why has no one ever commercially offered a real high-end audiophile thing to do this job? Meet the Manley Skipjack.

Our Price: $1,600.00
Manley HP-112 Studio Headphone Mixer Manley HP-112 Studio Headphone Mixer

We subtitle this unit "THE MORE ME BOX" because this is possibly its most important feature! Along with the typical cue mix or the control room mix, the engineer can offer each musician a fader dedicated to their own instrument. Experience teaches us that each musician always wants to hear more of themselves and that trying to meet this demand with several musicians and with too few aux sends is quite a mind bending challenge. As long as each musician's headphone is plugged into a separate station, each can have their own custom mix within arms reach. This frees up the engineer to concentrate on recording and getting the best sound and allows the producer to focus on performances because the musicians' monitoring needs are met quickly and easily. It also frees up console aux sends so that they may be used for effect sends. With this station you will be able to offer musicians a better sounding headphone amp than most major studios and be able to provide some significant improvements over basic stereo cue boxes or any other headphone system we know of.

Our Price: $1,750.00
Manley MicMAID 4x4 Mic/Micpre Matrix Switcher Manley MicMAID 4x4 Mic/Micpre Matrix Switcher

Any mic, any pre, any time. Plug your four favorite mics and mic preamps into the MicMAID, and pick the best combination for any session.

Our Price: $1,799.00