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6922 Electro-Harmonix 7044 GE or 5687 NOS USA (equivalent) 12AL5 or UAA91 NOS Dual Diodes
6922 Electro-Harmonix
Our Price: $20.00
Used in Steelhead,Chinook,Core and ELOP+ LOW STOCK
Was used in the Variable Mu®, Shrimp, Snappers, and Steelhead.
New units shipping with 5687 NOS instead.
Dual rectifier tube used in the Variable Mu® Limiter.
6BA6 or 6KPi-EB (6v) Pentode 12BH7A EH 5814A JAN USA aka 12AU7 or ECC82
Our Price: $25.00
Two Per Channel are used in the Manley Variable Mu T-Bar Mod. Used as the driver tubes in Neo-Classic 250 and Neo-Classic 500 Watt mono blocks, Mahi and Stingray, Each monoblock uses two 12BH7 tubes.
also used on the following
VoxBox, Massive Passive, Variable MU (version 9)
same as 12AU7 or ECC82 used in older Manley Pultecs and Manley ELOP limiters
12AX7WBC Ruby Standard Grade 12AT7  "MIC GRADE" 12AX7WBC Ruby Gold #1 MIC Grade
Our Price: $50.00
This 12AT7 is specially selected for ultra low-noise to be used in Manley microphones with a “T” in the serial number. A super quiet 12AX7 Mic Grade may also be used.

For regular standard grade 12AT7 use Tube-23 standard grade instead.
12AU7WA / ECC82 Ei Limited Stock
aka 12AU7 or 5814 or ECC82
These are large smooth plate EI tubes made in Nis, Yugoslavia early 1990's production  
Various older Manley products such as Manley ELOP or Manley Pultec EQs used 12AU7's as the gain tube.