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5U4GT Rectifier Electro-Harmonix 6CA7EH Electro-Harmonix Vacuum Tube EL34B Tung Sol Platinum Russian
Used in Manley Neo-Classic SE/PP 300B and older Retro SE/PP 300B monoblock amplifiers. TWO each used per monoblock. (sub for EL34) Can be used in Manley 250's and SNAPPER Amplifiers
300B Electro-Harmonix
300B Electro-Harmonix
Our Price: $120.00
Used in:
NSEPP### Neo-Classic SEPP 300B amplifiers
KSEPP### Retro 300B SEPP 300B amplifiers
MSEPP### Compact SEPP 300B amplifiers
All 300B Preamplifiers

Please specify unit's serial number when ordering so that we may test and select for best performance in YOUR unit.